Art of the Buffies NFT Collection.


With a lot of new NFT projects being derivatives of already popular ones or blatant copies, we wanted to make something unique. Thats why we came up with the idea to make cute, buff figures, that give off a positive vibe, but also promote a healthy lifestyle.
Our founder, Egert Salumäe, came up with the idea for the art.

Traits, supply and rarity

When the idea came, we started to make the art immediately. We wanted a low supply and a huge amount of traits to make the collection special.
The Buffies collection will feature 5555 NFTs from 260+ traits. Every trait is unique. A low supply and a high trait count makes the art extremely valuable and every Buffie is different.
We implemented an unique rarity system where the floor actually looks unique. More on the rarity on a later date. This whitepaper will also feature a Rarity section in the future.
Our artist, Keymaker, is responsible for all of the art in our project.