Buffies Mint Funds Allocation
Detailed allocation of Buffies NFT Project mint funds.
Buffies NFT Project details:
  • Supply: 5555
  • Price: 0.088 ETH
  • Architecture: ERC20
  • NFT Platform: OpenSea
Buffies Mint Funds Allocation

Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is in high focus for Buffies, it allows us to have a sustainable NFT project for a long time. 65% of mint funds (312 Ethereum) will be invested into Cryptocurrency mining.
This allows us to buy hundreds of GPU-s in bulk and therefore we can get up to 30%-40% discount on all the GPU-s. The total worth of GPU-s in face value will cross over 1 000 000+ EUR or 400-435 Ethereum.
The usual lifespan of a GPU miner that is kept in perfect mining conditions lasts for 6+ years, therefore Buffies can keep up mining Cryptocurrencies for years. The mining farm will be ready to start mining after 30-45 days of minting out.
Expected monthly profits will be upwards of 35 000+ EUR - 60 000+ EUR, depending on the Ethereum market price. The Buffies NFT Project can generate 420 000 EUR - 720 000 EUR yearly.
You can also do the mining profit calculations in: https://whattomine.com/ https://www.coinwarz.com/mining/ethereum/calculator
Electricity Cost is 0.12$-0.15$ / kWh
100% of the mined crypto will be allocated to the Buffies NFT Community Wallet. By adding this mechanic to the Buffies NFT project, we can create infinite value to holding a Buffies NFT. More info about our mining utility and how we will do it: Mining Forminers

Private seed round

Private seed investors are the reason we have the opportunity to make such an incredible project. Without them we wouldn't be where we are now. 20% of the mint funds will be allocated to our partners and seed investors, who have helped us make the Buffies NFT Project.

Core Team

Buffies NFT project consists of 3 members - the Core Team. The Core team will only receive 8% of the total mint funds, which is incredibly low compared to other NFT projects, where the team takes 50-100% of total funds gathered from mint. We are investing almost all the funds back to the Project and Community to make an Blue Chip status NFT project, no doubt about that.

Project Marketing

We will allocate 5% of the total mint funds to further market the Buffies NFT project after launch. This will help us keep Buffies on the NFT Map and let new investors join our amazing community.

Community Wallet

The last 2% of total mint funds will be allocated to the Community Wallet. With this we can continue on the development of the Buffies NFT Project roadmap. Remember, Crypto Mining and the Community Wallet are in high correlation, 100% of all the mining funds (35 000 EUR - 60 000 EUR monthly) will be invested back into the community wallet for Buffies NFT to further the development of the project.