An Estonian based mining firm that will help Buffies set up a huge mining farm.

Who are Forminers?

A Crypto Mining firm, that offers farm assembly, placement, maintenance, consulting services and guidance on the further implementation of cryptocurrencies. Website - Instagram - Other Socials can be found on their website.

The Advantages of Forminers

They offer constant monitoring of the crypto market. They will also help us update the equipment when needed. Forminers helps us with everything regarding the whole mining process. They will also take full responsibility for the equipment.

How will Forminers take care of the farm?

The Mining Rigs will be held in secure warehouses, that are under security 24/7. Forminers offers a fixed electricity fee, due to the fluctuation of the Estonian electricity price.

Mining partner

Since January 2022, Buffies formed a successful partnership with the Estonian Crypto Mining firm Forminers.


Gallery of Forminers.