The last part of the roadmap, a Buffie NFT shop!


The shop is an unique idea we came up with to give Buffies NFT holders an incentive to hold the Buffie NFT. The main premise is this:
Staking your Buffie will give you coins, those coins you can spend in the shop to make a completely new Buffie.
In the shop you can choose from a variation of new traits. The shop will feature common as well as rare traits. As every shop, the rarer the item is, the more it costs. So in order to make a Buffie with rare traits, you need to spend more coins, which requires staking longer. The incentive to stake your Buffie is to make a new one in the shop. All new Buffies made in the shop provide more yield from staking.
The shop will be limited to 1111 Buffies only, so the total supply with the main collection will be
5555 + 1111 = 6666.
Who will be able to make the new 1111 Buffies is still TBA.

Unique way to introduce supply and let people make their own custom NFT

This idea was created completely from scratch. We have not seen such a feature in any other collection before. Therefore we thought it would be a cool idea to introduce supply to the original NFT and give the community the opportunity to make the NFT that they like, without the randomness.
This is the last part of Roadmap 1.0 and it is very ambitious, but the idea is so unique that we will give it our all!

This page will be updated with more info and made more detailed after mint.