Metaverse Integrations
A permanent Metaverse skin for the Buffies.

Metaverse representation

We want to give each holder of our project a way to be represented in various metaverses.
To do this, we will give Buffies holders a 3D sandbox model of the Buffies collection. The 3D models will be a separate collection.
Every 2D Buffie holder will get a 3D Buffie, so if you have 5 2D Buffies you will recieve 5 3D Buffies.
3D Buffies will be a free mint for 2D Holders. We will also introduce more supply to outsiders who do not own a 2D Buffie.

3D Collection examples

These are some of the examples of the 3D Collection, more to be revealed in Discord.

Other metaverses

Sandbox models are not the only goal. We also want to buy land for the Buffies, make skins for other metaverses as well, such as Facebook's Meta and Decentraland.
This feature in our roadmap will elevate the Buffieverse to the next level.